Catching Lightning in a Whiskey Bottle

The Happy Out is a (mostly) traditional (mostly) Irish pub band based out of San Antonio, Texas.

Made up of a trio of talented, professional, good-time Irish musicians, they perform a healthy mix of traditional instrumentals, pub songs, and a sprinkling of original tunes. The Happy Out is based in San Antonio, but will travel anywhere to liven up your Hoolie, Bar Mitzvah, or Clambake!

The Happy Out’s name derives from a common Irish phrase which means “a generally satisfied and contented state of mind about your situation”. Usually there’s a sense that you’re so happy, it’s hard to express in words! This feeling definitely applies to Happy Out’s audience at the end of a great night of Irish music. 

The Happy Out has a standing gig at The Cottage Irish Pub on Broadway every first & third Sunday of the month from 5:00-8:00pm.

While all three members of The Happy Out have been professional musicians (and purveyors of fine Dad Jokes) for many years, the current lineup of Blair Raker, Sean McMains, and Klaus Weinelt has been together since May of 2022. 

Founding member Blair Raker sings, composes, plays the tenor & baritone ukuleles, penny whistle, djembe, and stomp box. Originally a Trombone major who served 10 years in the Air Force Band program, Blair is currently an elementary Music teacher at Northside ISD’s Knowlton Elementary on the Far West Side. 

The devastatingly handsome Sean McMains (aka “Sharky”), a veteran of the Irish Music scene, plays guitar, bass, penny whistle, and the Irish drum known as a bodhran (pronounced bow-r-ON) and sings. When he’s not making music, you’ll find him hiking trails, writing software, with his nose in a book, or creating and playing computer and board games.

The long-bearded Klaus Weinelt rounds out the trio with his masterful fiddling, as well as the occasional guitar, mandolin, viola, and vocals. After selling his soul to the Devil during a visit to Savannah, Georgia… wait never mind, that’s a different story. He has been playing fiddle for 29 years, all throughout high school & college. Klaus has taught high school orchestra for near-as-makes-no-difference, 14 years, & enjoys long walks on the beach at night.

Keep an eye on this website for booking info and upcoming performances. You can also find the band on YouTube and Facebook – just search for The Happy Out Irish Band and you’ll be caught up in the frenzy that’s sweeping the nation!