During a recent rehearsal session, we recorded a few songs for your enjoyment. Give them a listen here!

3 Sheets 2 The Wind

A rollicking Blair Raker original, and always a crowd favorite. This is a cautionary tale about what can happen when one goes out for a drink. Or two. Or more.


A lovely traditional waltz, written by Thomas Walsh in the 1970s. One of our favorite instrumental tunes.

Rosin the Beau

A traditional song that goes back at least to 1838, wherein the singer faces his own mortality with wit, music, and no small measure of braggadocio.

Finnegan’s Wake

First published in 1864, Finnegan’s wake tells the tale of Tim Finnegan, who dies tragically. But that’s just the start of the story‚Ķ

What We’re Listening To

While we’re getting more of our own music ready for you to enjoy, here’s a list of what we’re listening to for inspiration!